Daily we offer you guided Hot Rod Fun Tours through Ingolstadt. A completely new experience of the streets of the region, paired with pure driving fun!

The tour leads from Manching to Ingolstadt. Past the Klenzepark, across the Danube along the fairground and through the Kreuztor to the city centre. From there we make a detour to the Audi Forum and on to the Schanzer Sportpark before we drive back to the station.

Duration: from 2 hours, bookable daily

Price: from 99 € incl. Rental helmet and beanie

without protection: 500 € deductible in case of damage

Basic Coverage 250: For only 10 € reduction of excess in case of damage to 250 €

Basic Coverage 250: For only 15 € reduction of excess in case of damage to 100 €

  • A minimum age of 18 years is a prerequisite.
  • You need a driving license class 3 | B (car) The license must be presented before departure.
  • Maximum height of about 1.95 m, with a hip height of 1.20 m
  • Minimum height of about 1.60 m
  • Maximum body weight of 125 kg
  • The zero-alcohol-limit applies (Random controls are carried out)
  • No influence of drugs or other drugs that affect the ability to drive
  • Helmets are compulsory, helmets are provided free of charge
  • For safety reasons, Hot Rod Fun tours only take place in suitable dry weather.
  • Tours which can’t be done due to the weather conditions will be postponed or will be credited as a voucher.
  • The agreement of a new appointment takes place after consultation.
  • You will receive a briefing before departure. Participation in this briefing is mandatory. If you would like to inform yourself in advance or if you would like to have a trial seat, we are at your disposal.
  • Our terms and conditions apply.
  • Acceptance of our disclaimer is a condition of participation, which must be signed before departure.