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Enjoy Munich with street-legal go karts!

Discover the city of Munich by kart on public roads. Feel like a star with our Hot Rods. Explore the city with full speed & fun. Your Munich super mario experience on the road.

Your Munich experience
with up to 88 km/h 10 cm above street level with 100% fun  Just for Fun

Looking for different tours and events in Munich? With us you enjoy an unique perspective rather than the standard hop on/off or segway tours available elsewhere. Make your choice out of the large varity of Hot Rod events.

How about cruising in Munich with the classic City Tour, speeding on the action-loaded  Country Tour, or celebrating together with the stag party specials? Let’s customize your experience eiher with the Hofbräu Brunch, our Munich Club partners, or continue the fun with a BBQ after the ride.

Let’s hit the road together with your friends, as a thriling incentive, or a memorable stag party.

Munich Tours & Events

STAG Party Specials incl.
FC Bayern Tour Beergarden Brunch  French Breakfast  BBQ Course Boulder Event Rooftop parties NIGHTLIFE Clubbing  Karaoke BAR Brewery Course 

We arrange your unforgettable stag event day in Munich. Starting with a power breakfast and hitting the road full speed into your stag party with the Hot Rod partner specials.  

Guranteed hangover experience the minute you start driving without suspension just 10 cm above the ground. Fuel your veins with adrenaline when starting the engine!  Top it up on the road with the feeling of ultimate freedom.

Your action-packed bachelor party with the boys in Super Mario costumes or a stag party with the girls is calling for you.

Celebrate yourself with one of the Hot Rod Fun Stag Packages – your unique experience is guranteed.

Even join
Without license under the age of 18 taller than 1.95m with kids pregnant
with our Buggy!

One of your team members doesn’t (just yet) have a driver’s license or is under the age of 18? No deal-breaker at all!

With the Batman buggy we make sure anyone can join the fun! Would you like to take your children on the tour? Are you physically not feeling fit for the rods? 

We are happy to take up to three additional guests on the tours as passengers in our buggy. Of course, for the same price as the selected hot rod tour.

Simply send us an individual request, we will make it happen!

YOur different
GIft  Event Incentive Customer Birthday  XMAS

Looking for a unique gift?

Customize your personal gift voucher for us for every occasion! Whether as a team outing on the road, employee motiviation, an anniversary present or as fun family day or gift for your beloved ones.

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Ragnar TonsbergRagnar Tonsberg
14:14 28 May 24
M KochM Koch
15:02 27 May 24
Richard MarchantRichard Marchant
15:01 26 May 24
You have to try this when in Munich . Most fun I’ve had in 3 hours 🙃. Victor was a great guide and and it was pukka …. American Grafiti in miniature lol 😆. The owner who a blast even recommended a bavarian tavern 10 out of 10 .Please enjoy
Billy StrawBilly Straw
12:00 26 May 24
We had a blast today…these go a lot faster than I anticipated, you’ll maintain all speed limits very easily. I’d recommend the early bird countryside tour to anyone thinking about doing this. There’s less traffic, plenty of places to open it up all the way and just cruise! Thank you, Victor!
Daniel DaviesDaniel Davies
11:10 26 May 24
My friend and I had a morning excursion with Hot Rod Fun Munich to the lakes.We must say it was fantastic and guide Victor was excellent.The boss was also a very friendly and fun guy to have met.We would highly recommended this tour to anyone who wants to remember being in Munich.Dan and Richard (London UK 🇬🇧)
10:02 26 May 24
Alex MartíAlex Martí
10:02 26 May 24
Flrn PaulFlrn Paul
11:57 25 May 24
Extremely loud and if you’re not first in line you’ll inhale an incredible amount of smelly exhaust. I have no idea why these things aren’t electrified.
Ute KönigUte König
13:29 22 May 24
Good bye,Marco is on May 20th. went on a tour with Kathi.It was sensational!!!Many thanks to Kathi and the whole team, super great!!!
Maximilian BaumbachMaximilian Baumbach
13:27 22 May 24
We had a very nice team event with two great guides.We will be back definitely
07:14 22 May 24
Was extremely fun. I would have preferred to do another tour.Lou was super nice.The only drawback, which was a total no-go for me and really killed the fun:The guide should/wanted/had to use a car that still needs to be tested??!and something like that with paying customers during a tour…I have no idea what that means, this hot rod keeps getting greased. In total between 12 and 15x.Maybe you should do something like that if you’re not going on a tour with customers, but are doing a test drive at the same time.Very strange approach.If this doesn’t happen again, I will book a tour again.
Robert RablRobert Rabl
14:19 21 May 24
Sensational! What a feeling. To be one with the road. An absolute MUST for anyone who has even the slightest interest in driving.We had the best weather with little traffic. A big thank you to “Lou”, our guide, who always kept an eye on the group and always knew and had everything in view.An unforgettable experience!
Ryan EhrhardtRyan Ehrhardt
10:51 18 May 24
Basti was wonderful! We had a great time touring with him. Best tour guide ever!
Pit SchiltzPit Schiltz
10:14 18 May 24
Very cool tour, with top guides 🙂
Youri De SmetYouri De Smet
10:13 18 May 24
Very very gail!
A BruelhartA Bruelhart
13:28 17 May 24
Good boys. was fun.
Elisabeth VogtElisabeth Vogt
11:55 17 May 24
The tour with the hot rods was a lot of fun. A really special and fun experience. The whole Hot Rod team is in a great mood and they spread a really good atmosphere from start to finish. My guide was Kathi and she is great!That was certainly not my last tour with the hot rods 🙂
Günter LazarGünter Lazar
09:11 17 May 24
We had a lot of fun with Victor and Max, great guides
sandra stsandra st
08:21 15 May 24
It was so much fun 🤩 the tour was really great!! Many thanks to our guides: Lion, Julian and Pascal; you were great. You made us feel really safe and we were able to enjoy every second.I can only recommend it to everyone!
Martin HerteMartin Herte
07:21 14 May 24
A great experience over a great route. Guided safely and confidently with our guide. I can fully recommend it!
Felix JFelix J
17:32 13 May 24
Our hot rod tour with Lion and Basti as guides was an absolute highlight! Their expertise and enthusiasm for the route made the tour an unforgettable experience. From the breathtaking landscapes to Lake Starnberg. This tour was simply fantastic. Lion and Basti really went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time and an unforgettable tour.
Fabrice WinterhalderFabrice Winterhalder
16:43 13 May 24
Great experience, very great people, it was fun!💪🏽
Nathalie KleinNathalie Klein
16:26 13 May 24
Frederica DamerowFrederica Damerow
16:26 13 May 24
Gilles KirchGilles Kirch
19:06 10 May 24
A highlight that you absolutely have to do in Munich.We booked the tour to Lake Starnberg with the serpentine ride.The hot rods are incredibly fun.Our guide Stefan was also super chill and explained everything down to the smallest detail, including his hand signals during the ride, very easy and quick to understand. 5/5!
Florian GolzFlorian Golz
15:02 10 May 24
Mega hottest tour everThanks Stepfane
Sane MalkavianSane Malkavian
15:02 10 May 24
An incredible experience and the ultimate experience. Along with a completely different experience of the city, there will also be an out-of-series party. Even if you have been to Munich, I highly recommend this trip because you will see it in a different way. Stefan is a genius and funny guide.
Markus StadelmannMarkus Stadelmann
13:39 10 May 24
Best sightseeing tour of my life. 10/10Our guids Victor and Lion are really nice guys and they did a great job.
Joel ZempJoel Zemp
13:37 10 May 24
Great event, highly recommended! Price/performance is right for what you get. The guides Victor and Liam were also very pleasant, thank you very much
Reiner HartmannReiner Hartmann
04:20 10 May 24
It was a fantastic and unforgettable journey through Munich.
Marco RotherMarco Rother
17:09 09 May 24
Great, sunny tour to Nymphenburg Castle (& back) for 6 with Lou!Exciting feeling of driving the HotRod on the road & feeling the immediate proximity of the road.Gladly again 🙂
16:21 09 May 24
Great, absolutely an experience with a great guide Lou. You have to do it once.
Olivia MisslerOlivia Missler
16:15 09 May 24
Best activity I’ve ever done while traveling. Absolutely sweet cars, and even got an introduction in English. Guides are lively and so nice. I seriously haven’t enjoyed myself more in my entire life. MUST DO
Mac FrostMac Frost
11:48 09 May 24
This was so much fun!! 10/10 would recommend, Kathi our guide was so awesome!! Want to go again!
Simon RichterSimon Richter
10:20 07 May 24
We booked this tour on the occasion of a JGA. Our guide Viktor explained the hot rods to us in great detail and in a way that everyone could understand.We were allowed to get used to the hot rods in peace in the parking garage and then started our tour. I had a bit of trouble getting started, but Viktor solved that really well by stopping at the closest possible spot and waiting for me with the entire group.After about an hour we stopped at the Hofbräukeller and enjoyed a white sausage breakfast.We would do the tour again in exactly the same way, driving in traffic with such go-kart-like vehicles is just incredible fun!PS: I can’t understand all the negative reviews from residents. If you can’t cope with noise, you should consider moving from a city center to the countryside instead of trying to make life difficult for an entrepreneur. It’s definitely quieter there, I speak from experience 😉
Alexander HadlichAlexander Hadlich
09:15 07 May 24
Mega event for a Jgs farewell or just to have fun in Munich!We also had the coolest guide in Fabi, who got the most fun out of this event despite a few small, unforeseeable mishaps 😉!!Thank you for that 😎👍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This definitely needs to be repeated and we are already looking forward to the next tour with Hot Rod Fun 🤙!!!Greetings Hadlich Alexander
02:49 07 May 24
Mega Tour
Markus SauerMarkus Sauer
11:42 06 May 24
Great tour with a great guide Fabi
Roy RozenekRoy Rozenek
16:05 04 May 24
Awesome experience! Viktor and Fabi are the best tour guides!!
Michael RaabMichael Raab
10:06 04 May 24
It was really a very nice trip!!It was a lot of fun to heat the MUC and the surrounding area with the boxes.The two guides Fabio and Lou were great, always friendly, competent and always helpful.
Petra EchterPetra Echter
06:16 04 May 24
The tour was incredibly fun and I can only recommend it. Many thanks to Fabi and Lou – you are the best!
Daniela HauptDaniela Haupt
17:56 03 May 24
Absolutely fun and enjoyable tour. We went as a bachelorette party, led by Julia, and all the girls had a lot of fun. The tour was a topic of conversation throughout the evening and the bride was thrilled. Absolutely recommended. We definitely weren’t there for the last time. 😃
cine- motioncine- motion
16:42 03 May 24
Overland tour at its best. Super cool. The guide at the front was Fabio, very cool, perfect mix of fun and safety. In the back was Lou, just as cool and relaxed.
18:24 02 May 24
Mega experience that everyone with a driving license should treat themselves to. Cruising through Munich 10cm above the asphalt and rediscovering the city at the same time. Unfortunately, thanks to the super friendly and attentive team, the time passed far too quickly. We also had an absolute stroke of luck with our guide Fabi. Cool, relaxed guy who got the most out of the tour for us.With today’s tour we have fallen for the hot rods and are already looking forward to the next tour, even if we have to wait a while.Conclusion: DO IT!
Nik NokNik Nok
11:26 02 May 24
Ludwig JahrstorferLudwig Jahrstorfer
04:51 01 May 24
Simon KSimon K
19:51 30 Apr 24
The tour, led by Pauline, was very cool and fun! 😁👌 Gladly again and definitely recommended!
Felix LangerFelix Langer
08:22 30 Apr 24
The tour to the Starnberger Lake was really fun and included exciting twisty roads. Basti was an awesome tour guide. We had a relaxing stop in Starnberg for a coffee and took some great photos. I highly recommend this tour if you want to experience some go-kart like driving through the Munich countryside!
Daniela JahrstorferDaniela Jahrstorfer
19:17 29 Apr 24
Driving a hot rod has to be experienced to be believed. It’s just incredibly fun.We didn’t do it for the first time and certainly not for the last. The location in Munich is very professionally organized and has a super competent and friendly team – especially our guide Kathi. She explained everything to us very conscientiously and guided us safely through Munich. Thanks to her cheerful and humorous nature, we had a super fun and great tour, right past all the important sights. Simply recommended!
Anne MarieAnne Marie
23:39 27 Apr 24
Thank you for the wonderful afternoon, dear Lou. We had a fantastic time. You are such a warm-hearted and funny guide!!!
Andreas WirthAndreas Wirth
12:15 27 Apr 24
Ralf HertleinRalf Hertlein
09:10 27 Apr 24
Super cool, absolutely recommended 😃👍🏼
patrick wagnerpatrick wagner
09:10 27 Apr 24
Mega experience. Highly recommended to everyone!!!
Awan T.Awan T.
13:56 26 Apr 24
Everything was great and really highly recommended 😁
Ovidiu RiegerOvidiu Rieger
13:56 26 Apr 24
Elias AbendElias Abend
13:55 26 Apr 24
Maximilian SchwojerMaximilian Schwojer
10:28 26 Apr 24
Flo RFlo R
10:28 26 Apr 24
Lankes AnnemarieLankes Annemarie
10:49 25 Apr 24
Martin SMartin S
18:22 20 Apr 24
It was a really great experience. Gladly again at any time!
Heather BrojerHeather Brojer
07:20 17 Apr 24
Victor was an excellent guide and my team had a ton of fun!Booking this event was seamless and Stephan was super helpful with my questions along the way.
Andy BAndy B
04:35 17 Apr 24
Great experience, fun (and safe). Well organized, friendly and professional team!
Nika SlobodinNika Slobodin
08:23 16 Apr 24
Wow! Amassing! Definitely recommend
Philipp EssersPhilipp Essers
16:07 14 Apr 24
It was great fun! The crew was simply great!!
12:15 14 Apr 24
Great experience and great team!
16:25 13 Apr 24
Matthieu YaxMatthieu Yax
11:23 13 Apr 24
Thomas BalmerThomas Balmer
08:17 13 Apr 24
We had a really cool city tour!! Everything went perfectly and our guide Pauline was just great! Thank you for the great experience!
Guilherme PinheiroGuilherme Pinheiro
09:02 09 Apr 24
An incredible experience! It was an excellent tour led by Felix. We enjoyed every moment and would definitely recommend it! If you have the chance to go on a tour with Felix it will be amazing!
Betül KayaliBetül Kayali
14:06 04 Apr 24
We had a lot of fun and it was a really great experience
Konrad LKonrad L
15:48 03 Apr 24
A very invigorating lap (I would have raced into a crowd at 100km/h without a guide) of the ride. The wind was extremely invigorating. (I should have put more on, my fingers would have fallen off.) The route we took showed me parts of Munich that I had never seen before (I thought being in Berlin would be a nightmare) all in all I can recommend Pauline as a guide. (Cute voice)
Colin ZbindenColin Zbinden
12:16 02 Apr 24
Max WohlfarthMax Wohlfarth
12:08 30 Mar 24
Lou, led the tour brilliantly. It was great fun
Richy LehmannRichy Lehmann
12:04 30 Mar 24
Lou is the best guide. It was a lot of fun riding with her. All great people. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to see Munich and have some fun driving!
Julian WaltherJulian Walther
08:36 30 Mar 24
15:26 29 Mar 24
It was a mega event with two awesome guides (Felix and Pauline) 😎
David NavesDavid Naves
14:26 29 Mar 24
09:50 28 Mar 24
We had a mega tour with Fabio! He was the perfect guide and led us safely through Munich. The City Tour is a true experience that we will not soon forget. An absolute recommendation!!
rawi conrawi con
05:28 27 Mar 24
Felix, you were a great guide!!! Thank you very much – Oliver, Günter, Rainer 👍 – 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Oliver WohlOliver Wohl
09:08 26 Mar 24
Super great experience.Best Gide ever: Felix
16:15 25 Mar 24
Really good fun, nice and rowdy but not dangerous at all. The vehicles were plenty powerful and handled well.the tour guide Fabio was great and very knowledgeable, and spoke English well. Hope to join you on another tour soon.
SK. Mahbubul AlamSK. Mahbubul Alam
15:16 23 Mar 24
Chris KiChris Ki
14:37 16 Mar 24
The tour was great…Kathi was the best guide
Markus WintererMarkus Winterer
14:37 16 Mar 24
Great tour despite the rain! Kathi (guide) was great🤟
Mario BischofbergerMario Bischofberger
18:34 03 Mar 24
A huge thank you to Kathi and Daniel for the great 3-hour tour!!! Always my pleasure!;-)..
Mario BischofbergerMario Bischofberger
07:00 03 Mar 24
The tour with Kathi and Daniel was just awesome!!!
gido b‘bergergido b‘berger
17:22 02 Mar 24
Kathi and Dan are the best!!!
Manuel KunzManuel Kunz
16:25 02 Mar 24
Was very good.
ralf bischofbergerralf bischofberger
16:24 02 Mar 24
Kathi and Daniel were the best guides and had a lot of fun
Beat BischofbergerBeat Bischofberger
16:23 02 Mar 24
Muls JonathanMuls Jonathan
16:13 28 Feb 24
Alex JonesAlex Jones
16:03 28 Feb 24
This was one of the most fun experiences I have ever done. We had a large group of us and we were looked after very well by the guys here. The hot rods are great fun to drive and it was a great way to see the city. This would be even more fun in summer with some sunshine but the cold didn’t spoil it!
Tim Cr91Tim Cr91
21:22 26 Feb 24
Was very fun. Victor was very nice and gave us a great tour
Lennart van Puym.Lennart van Puym.
16:39 25 Feb 24
It was a great experience and was really a lot of fun. It was also a lot of fun with Viktor, a very, very nice personality! Always happy!
Annemie MAnnemie M
19:01 22 Feb 24
Great fun, friendly guys!
Ricardo StiltingRicardo Stilting
07:21 22 Feb 24
A great experience, actually unimaginable in the Netherlands, but a reality here 💨💨 When you drive through tunnels you have a Mario Kart feeling 😅👌
Daniel LerchenmuellerDaniel Lerchenmueller
07:39 13 Feb 24
We had a lot of fun, nice staff.I can only recommend the whole thing.
Sebastian KöberleSebastian Köberle
21:09 14 Jan 24
Great tour! Absolutely recommended. Feel free to book the tour guides Daniel and Julia! Thanks again for the pleasant and super fun tour!
Timo StröhlaTimo Ströhla
11:19 13 Jan 24
Julia and Daniel best guides 👍🏻
Angel RodriguezAngel Rodriguez
18:52 18 Dec 23
It has been a great experience. Super friendly and pleasant. Very professional and attentive. We have been able to visit the most emblematic areas of Munich and it has always been a very easy and fun drive. The guide of our group, Max, has been magnificent. Totally recommended (easier the smaller the group)
Felix MontminyFelix Montminy
16:14 27 Nov 23
Driving around in those hot rod karts was an awsone experience. Viktor, our guide, was great. Someone in our group got sick on the day we initially booked and the company offered moving our reservation to the next day. Excellent overall experience.
Philippe DeslongchampsPhilippe Deslongchamps
16:08 27 Nov 23
Riding around town with the hot rods is definitely a wonderful way to explore Munich’s landmarks. We had an awesome time around the city with Viktor. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone with a driving permit. The experience was simply awesome!
Tyler McNuttTyler McNutt
17:52 29 Oct 23
My wife and I did the 3 hour Munich countryside tour in late October, the trees were changing and the scenery was beautiful. The hot rods are like a street legal go kart. It was an awesome experience to cruise through the country side and Felix was an amazing guide, if you are at all on the fence, do it!
Kevin FruinKevin Fruin
15:36 28 Sep 23
Absolutely amazing, would recommend as a must if in Munich. Our guide was Elias who too great care of us from the briefing through to guiding the tour safely home.
Camilo LinaresCamilo Linares
14:06 10 Sep 23
If you’re double thinking of doing this, think no more. You should absolutely take one of these little cars for a ride. They have a great speed that gives you a nice go-kart feeling with precise control. Not to mention the tour guides. Felix and Victor were awesome, friendly and insightful. Thanks again, guys. Would definitely do it again!
Steffi LootsSteffi Loots
05:25 14 Jun 23
What an awesome experience!! Team building fun at its best! Thank you, Stephan, for being such a fantastic guide , we saw munich in a different light! Definitely will be back to try out another tour soon!

Instead of:
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Enjoy Munich with us!

There a many ways to explore Munich: Segway tours, quad tours, scooter tours or even the classic hop on/hop off busses. However, none of the options will make you feel like a hot rod ride. The sound of freedom when hitting the accelorator while driving only 10 cm above the ground. The rods always put a smile on your and peoples faces while passing by. Immediately after the ride, you will for sure want to do it again.

Therefore, forget about Segway Tour Munich, Quad Tour Munich, Scooter Tour Munich & more and book your truly unique & unforgettable experience with hot rod fun!

Find out more about
our spot our history our Tours Sightseeing Spots
in Munich

We have been offering hot rod tours through Munich since 2017. There is a lot to see and experience in our residential city located at the river Isar. The architectural masterpieces from the Gothic, Baroque and Rococo periods alone are a real eye-catcher. These include the Frauenkirche, the Karlstor, our Viktualienmarkt and Nymphenburg Palace. Leopoldstrasse, the nightlife district of Schwabing and the English Garden as well as the Glockenbachviertel and Gärtnerplatz also represent Munich’s diversity. However, Munich not only stands for classic beauty, but also for progress and modernity. The BMW headquarters, the futuristic Hypo building as well as the football Allianz Arena.

Our station is located in the beautiful Berg am Laim district. The former industrial ground place Pfanni Werke was founded here in 1949 and the site was known as Europe’s largest dumpling kitchen. These production facilities have not been in operation for a long time. The site became the Kunstpark Ost close to eastern central station, Europe`s biggest club area in the 2000, nowaydays known as Werksviertel-Mitte. Located in the center of the Werksviertel-Mitte, we opened our new homebase at the Container Collective in 2020. The hot rods fit perfectly into the urban, yet ultra-modern ambience. The Werksviertel-Mitte cannot be missed, it is also home to the world’s largest mobile Ferris wheel with the beautiful Bavarian name Umadum.

After or even before a tour with our hot rods, you can enjoy all the benefits of the entire area, starting with the Dompierre French Bakery, the culinary offerings of Aloha Poke, Augustiner and many different restaurants and cafés. The Werksviertel-Mitte offers a large number of various concerts and events on the central place ‘Knödelplatz’ , stand up comedy at the Quatsch Comedy Club, as well as pubs and clubs. With the Hot Rod Fun Tours you will get the most out of your experience in Munich. The beautiful surrondings in Upper Bavaria are also worth visiting, especially lake Tegernsee or lake Starnberg are popular local recreation destinations.

On the Hot Rod Fun Country Tour, depending on the route, we are driving along the Würmtal valley and make a stop at the Schäftlarn Monastery. Other possible destinations in the surrounding area include Bad Tölz in the south of Munich, Wolfratshausen and Pullach. You can book a stopover at the Waldwirtschaft for some traditional bavarian food as part of special tours, through the serpentines at Schäftlarn Monastery, or for adventourous tours via Lenggries to Spitzingsee or even Kochelsee and up to Walchensee.

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